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Books Available at the Library

The Hour of our death / Philippe Aries (BD444 .A67313)

Dealing creatively with death: a manual of death education and simple burial, 10th edition, revised and expanded / Ernest Morgan (BD444 .M66 1984)

The Whole death catalog: a lively guide to the bitter end, 10th edition, revised and expanded / Harold Schechter (BD444 .S383 2009)

What should I believe? : why our beliefs about the nature of death and the purpose of life dominate our lives / Dorothy Rowe. (BF698.9 .P47 R69 2009)

The dominion of the dead / / Robert Pogue Harrison. (BF789.D4 H375 2003)

Living through mourning : finding comfort and hope when a loved one has died / Harriet Sarnoff Schiff. (BF789.D4 S33 1986)

The Psychology of death, dying, and bereavement / Richard Schulz. (BF789.D4 S36)

Dying in the human life cycle : psychological, biomedical, and social perspectives / Walter J. Smith. (BF789.D4 S65 1985)

The Pagan book of living and dying: practical rituals, prayers, blessings, and meditations on crossing over / Starhawk, M. Macha NightMare, and the Reclaiming Collective (BF1572 .D43 S73 1997)

Death, burial, and rebirth in the religions of antiquity / Jon Davies (BL504 .D295 1999)

Ultimate journey: death and dying in the world's major religions / edited by Steven J. Rosen (BL504 .U48 2008)

The Greek way of death / Robert Garland (BL795 .D4 G37 2001)

Death and the afterlife in ancient Egypt / John H. Taylor (BL 2450 .D43 T39 2001)

Burial customs in ancient Egypt: life in death for rich and poor / Wolfram Grajetski (BL2450 .F8 G73 2003)

The illuminated Kaddish: interpretations of the mourner's prayer / Hyla Shifra Bolsta (BM670 .K3 B65 2012)

The Jewish way in death and mourning / Maurice Lamm (BM712 .L3 2000)

The Tibetan book of the dead: or, The after-death experiences on the Bardo Plane, according to Lama Kazi Dawa-Samdup's English rendering / compiled and edited by W.Y. Evans-Wentz ; with a new foreword by Gregory Hillis. (BQ4490 .K3713 2008)

Tibetan rituals of death: Buddhist funerary practices / by Margaret Gouin (BQ5020 .G68 2010)

Buddhist rituals of death and rebirth: contemporary Sri Lankan practice and its origins / Rita Langer (BQ5020 .L35 2009)

Medieval Christianity / Daniel E. Bornstein, editor (BR162.3 .M43 2009)

The Puritan way of death: a study in religion, culture, and social change / David E. Stannard (BT825 .S24 1979)

The Care of the dead in late antiquity / Eric Rebillard; translated by Elizabeth Trapnell Rawlings and Jeanine [sic] Routier-Pucci. (BT826 .R4313 2009)

Byzantine Christianity / Derek Krueger, editor (BX300 .B99 2006)

Daily life in Anglo-Saxon England / Sally Crawford (DA152 .C76 2009)

Greek burial customs / [by] Donna C. Kurtz and John Boardman (DF101 .K87 1971)

Handbook to life in ancient Rome Lesley Adkins and Roy A. Adkins (DG75 .A35 1998)

Daily life in ancient Rome / Jerome Carcopino (DG78 .C32)

Death and burial in the Roman World / J.M.C. Toynbee (DG103 .T69 1996)

Mummies and death in Egypt / Francoise Dunand, Roger Lichtenberg; foreword by Jean Yoyotte; translated from the French by David Lorton (DT62 .M7 D8513 2006)

Ancient Egyptian tombs: the culture of life and death / Stephen Snape (DT62 .T6 S56 2011)

The Secrets of tomb 10A: Egypt 2000 BC/ Rita E. Freed, et al. (DT73 .D44 S43 2009)

Tutankhamen: the life and death of a boy-king / Christine El Mahdy (DT87.5 .E48 1999)

A Death in the Tiwi islands: conflict, ritual, and social life in an Australian aboriginal community / Eric Venbrux (DU125 .T5 V45 1995)

Death and funeral customs among the Omahas / Francis La Flesche (E99 .O4 L159 1889)

The Folk culture of Yucatan / Robert Redfield (F1376 .R4)

Mummies of the world / Alried Wieczorek, Wilfried Rosendahl, editors (GN293 .M86 2010)

Gods and rituals: readings in religious beliefs and practices / [Edited by] John Middleont (GN470 .M48)

The Rites of passage / Arnold van Gennep (GN473 .G513 1960a)

Beyond the good death: the anthropology of modern dying / James W. Green (GN485.5 .G74 2008)

Polish customs, traditions and folklore / Sophie Hodorowicz Knab; foreword by Czeslaw Michal Krysa; illustrations by Mary Anne Knab (GR195 .K53 2005)

Death customs: an analytical study of burial rites / by E. Bendann (GT3150 .B35 2003)

The Social symbolism of grief and mourning / Roger Grainger (GT3150 .G73 2008)

Affairs in order: a complete resource guide to death and dying / Patricia Anderson (GT3203 .A2 A54 1991)

Death in early America: the history and folklore of customs and superstitions of early medicine, funerals, burials, and mourning / by Margaret M. Coffin (GT3203 .C63)

Death in America / Philippe Aries... [et al.] ; edited, with an introd. by David E. Stannard (GT3203 .S7)

To serve the living: funeral directors and the African American way of death / Suzanne E. Smith (GT3203 .S75 2010)

Being dead is no excuse: the official southern ladies guide to hosting the perfect funeral / Gayden Metcalfe and Charlotte Hays (GT3210 .M7 M47 2005)

The English way of death: the common funeral since 1450 / Julian Litten (GT3243 .L57 2002)

Death, heaven, and the Victorians / John Morley (GT3243 .M6 1971)

The Death rituals of rural Greece / Loring M. Danforth; photography by Alexander Tsiaras (GT3251 .A2 D36 1982)

Ritual, belief and the dead body in early modern Britain and Ireland / Sarah Tarlow (GT3243 .T37 2011)

Purified by fire: a history of cremation in America / Stephen Prothero (GT3330 .P76 2001)

Days of death, days of life: ritual in the popular culture of Oaxaca / Kristin Norget (GT4995 .A4 N67 2006)

Funerals, consumers' last rights: the Consumers Union report on conventional funerals and burials...and some alternatives, including cremation, direct cremation, direct burial, and body donation / the editors of Consumer Reports (HD9999 .U53 U53 1977)

Rest in peace: a cultural history of death and the funeral home in twentieth-century America / Gary Laderman (HD9999 .U53 U543 2003)

The American way of death revisited / Jessica Mitford (HD9999 .U53 U554 1998)

Dying well: peace and possibilities at the end of life / [edited by] Ira Byock (HQ1073 .B96 1998)

Death's door: modern dying and the ways we grieve / Sandra M. Gilbert (HQ1073 .G54 2006)

The Study of dying: from autonomy to transformation / Allan Kellehear, editor (HQ1073 .S786 2009)

Death in the New World: cross-cultural encounters, 1492-1800 / Erik R. Seeman (HQ1073.5 .A45 S44 2010)

The Sociology of death: theory, culture, practice / edited by David Clark (HQ1073.5 .G7 S63 1993)

The Good death: the new American search to reshape the end of life / Marilyn Webb (HQ1073.5 .U6 W43 1997)

Women in England in the Middle Ages / Jennifer Ward (HQ1147 .G7 W37 2006)

Final rights: reclaiming the American way of death / Joshua Slocum and Lisa Carlson (KF3781 .S59 2011)

Literary remains: representations of death and burial in Victorian England / Mary Elizabeth Hotz (PR878 .D37 H68 2009)

Choosing to die: elective death and multiculturalism / C.G. Prado (R726 .P733 2008)

Coming home : a guide to dying at home with dignity/ Deborah Duda.(R726.8 .D86)

Facing death: where culture, religion, and medicine meet / edited by Howard M. Spiro, Mary G. McCrea Curnen, and Lee Palmer Wandel (R726.8 .F33 1996)

Ethnic variations in dying, death, and grief: diversity in universality / edited by Donald P. Irish, Kathleen F. Lundquist, & Vivian Jenkins Nelsen (R726.8 .I75 1993)

Transcultural health care: a culturally competent approach, 4th edition / Larry D. Purnell (RA418.5 .T73 T73 2013)

Caring for Hindu patients / edited by Diviash Thakrar, Rasamandala Das, and Aziz Sheikh; foreword by Sam Everington (RA485 .C37 2008)

Spiritual dimensions of nursing practice / edited by Verna Benner Carson and Harold G. Koenig (RT85.2 .C37 2008)

Death warmed over: funeral food, rituals, and customs from around the world / Lisa Rogak (TX725 .A1 R637 2004)

The Oldest cuisine in the world: cooking in Mesopotamia / Jean Bottero ; translated by Teresa Lavender Fagan (TX725 .I72 B68 2004)

LCCC eBooks

The Material culture of death in medieval Japan [electronic resource] / Karen M. Gerhart (BQ5020 .G47 2009 eb)

Death and the classic Maya kings [electronic resource] / James L. Fitzsimmons (F1435.3 .F85 F57 2009 eb)

Nature's embrace: Japan's aging urbanites and new death rites [electronic resource] / Satsuki Kawano (GT3331 .J3 K38 2010 eb)

Day of the Dead in the USA: the migration and transformation of a cultural phenomenon [electronic Resource] / Regina M. Marchi (GT4995 .A4 M36 2009 eb)

Encyclopedia of death & the human experience [electronic resource] / edited by Clifton D. Bryant and Dennis L. Peck (HQ1073 .E544 2009 eb)

Handbook of death & dying [electronic resource] / Clifton D. Bryant, editor in chief (HQ1073 .H36 2003 eb)

Macmillan encyclopedia of death and dying [electronic resource] / Robert Kastenbaum, editor in chief (HQ1073 .M33 2003 eb)

Death and dying [electronic resource]: an annotated bibliography of thanatological literature / John F. Szabo (Z5725 .S93 2010eb)
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