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LCCC Local History Materials

Dapper Dan Flood / Kashatus, William (E748.F56 K37 2010) (Stacks)

Daniel J. Flood : a biography / Spear, Sheldon (E748.F56 S68 2009) (Stacks)

Chapters in Northeastern Pennsylvania history / Spear, Sheldon (F149.S74 1999) (Stacks)

Great flood of 1972 / Warnagiris, Paul W. (F155.W37) (Reference)

1694-1994 history of Hanover Township / Ciesla, C. Charles (F157.H197 C5 2002) (Reference)

History of Hazleton and area / Krause. Arthur A. (F157.H45 K73 1999) (Reference)

This is Luzerne County / League of Women Voters (F157.L8 L4 1976) (Stacks)

Luzerne County : a bicentennial bibliography / Luzerne Co. Bicentennial Commission (F157.L8 L8) (Reference)

Luzerne County / Wick, Harrison (F157.L8 W63 2011) (Stacks)

History of Nanticoke City & Newport Township 1703-2003 / Ciesla, C. Charles (F157.N158 C5 2003) (Reference)

Profiles from the Susquehanna Valley / Beers, Paul B. (F157.S8 B43) (Stacks)

Susquehanna / Carmer, Carl L. (F157.S8 C3 1967) (Stacks)

Portrait of Agnes / Kozemchak, J. (F157.S8 K6) (Reference)

Susquehanna, river of dreams / Stranahan, Susan Q. (F157.S8 S75 1993) (Stacks)

Wyoming Valley : an American portrait / Hanlon, Edward F. (F157.W9 H18 2003) (Reference)

Bridging Change / Lottick, Sally Teller (F157.W9 L6) (Stacks)

Wyoming Valley's earliest settlers / Lottick, Sally Teller (F157.W9 L6 W9891 1997) (Stacks)

African-Americans in the Wyoming Valley, 1778-1990 / Moss, Emerson I. (F157.W9 M8 1992) (Stacks)

Chapters in Wyoming Valley history / Spear, Sheldon (F157.W9 S74) (Stacks)

Susquehanna frontier : Northeastern Pa during the Revolutionary War / Williamson, James R. (F157.W9 W68 1997) (Stacks)

Pennsylvania's Back Mountain / Wick, Harrison (F159.B13 W53 2009) (Stacks)

Dallas, Pennsylvania / Pulling, Anne Frances (F159.D14 P85 2008) (Stacks)

Fond memories of Larksville, PA / Ellsworth, James (F159.L3265 E45 2005) (Stacks)

Nanticoke / Zaremba, Chester J. (F159.N2 Z37 2011) (Stacks)

A walk down Main Street, Plymouth, PA / Ellsworth, James (F159.P69 E55 2003) (Stacks)

History of Plains Township / Hughes, M.V. (F159.P691 H8 1969) (Reference)

History of West Hazleton / Krause, Arthur A. (F159.W374 K73 1995) (Stacks)

Wilkes Barre : Images of America series / Castrignano, Elena (F159.W5 C37 2012) (New book shelf - 4/2013)

Wilkes Barre : postcard series / Castrignano, Elena (F159.W6 C37 2008) (Stacks)

Ethnic history of the Wyoming Valley / Hartmann, Edward G. (F159.W6 H3 E8) (Oversize)

Ethnic religious congregation of the Wyoming Valley / Hartmann, Edward G. (F159.W6 H3 E81) (Oversize)

A history of Wilkes Barre, Luzerne County, PA from its first beginnings / Harvey, Oscar Jewell & Smith Ernest Gray (F159.W6 H32) (Reference)

Jews of Wilkes Barre: 150 years in the Wyoming Valley / Levine, Marjorie (F159.W6 J49 1999) (Oversize)

History of Wyoming : a series of letters / Miner, Charles (F159.W6 M5) (Reference)

Appointment with disaster / Mussari, Anthony J. (F159.W6 M8 1974) (Stacks)

Historical album of Wilkes Barre and Wyoming Valley / Myers, Wilbur A. (F159.W6 M93) (Stacks)

Bittersweet memories of home / Patience, Alice Patterson (F159.W6 P38 1999) (Stacks)

Wilkes Barre Township bicentennial, 1774-1974 / Bryan, Catherine Horan (F159.W61 B7) (Stacks)

Anthracite Reds / Howard, Walter T. (HD8039.M62 U6122 2004) (Stacks)

Albert Lewis, the Bear Creek lumber and ice king / Petrillo, F. Charles (HD9481.U4 L496 1998) (Stacks)

Kingdom of coal / Miller, Donald L. (HD9547.P4 M55 1985) (Stacks)

Fighting for the Union label : the women's garment industry / Wolensky, Kenneth C. (HD9940.U4 W64 2002) (Stacks)

Wilkes Barre Railways Co / Rohrbeck, Benson W. (HE2791.W5) (Stacks)

Steamboats on the Susquehanna / Petrillo, F. Charles (HE566.S7 P48 1993) (Stacks)

On Strike! Capital Cities and the Wilkes Barre newspaper unions / Keil, Thomas J. (PN4899.W55 C375 1988) (Stacks)

Greater Wyoming Valley trolleys / Wick, Harrison (TF724.P4 W53 2009) (Stacks)

Wyoming Valley trolleys: street railways of Wilkes Barre, Nanticoke, and Pittston / Cox, Harold E. (TF725.W9 C69 1988) (Oversize)

Market Street bridges of Wilkes Barre / Schooley, Ruth (TG25.W6 M3 1987) (Stacks)

Voices of the Knox Mine disaster / Wolensky, Robert P. (TN317.W6 V6 2005) (Stacks)

Knox Mine disaster, January 22, 1959 / Wolensky, Robert P. (TN805.P4 W65 1999) (Stacks)

Cold and gold from the Poconos / Janosov, Robert A. (TP573.U5 J2 1997) (Stacks)

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