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Beliefnet - Transition Rituals

Death & Funeral Customs - Open Directory Project

Death and Funeral Customs

Death Care - Funeral Customs - Open Directory Project

Encyclopedia of Death and Dying

Funeral Customs - Info please

Funeral and Religious Customs

The Funeral

National Museum of Funerary History

Rituals Around Sudden Death in Recent Years

Understanding Cultural Issues in Death

Magazines / Journals

Death Studies

Electronic Journal of Folklore

Journal of Personal & Interpersonal Loss



Omega: Journal of Death & Dying (Citations Only)

African American

African American Funeral Programs

Funeral Customs - African American

Funeral Traditions for African American Methodist Churches

The History of African American Death

Material Culture and Social Death: African-American Burial Practices

Ancient Americas

Funerary Practices in the Ancient Americas

Inca Burial Etiquette

Life and Death in Ancient Mexico

The Mayas: Funeral Rituals

Ancient Egypt

A Burial in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian Funerary Practices

Burial Customs in Ancient Egypt

Death in Ancient Egypt

Life in Ancient Egypt: Funerary Customs (Carnegie Museum of Natural History)

Ancient and Historical Estonia

Prehistoric and Early Medieval Island of Saaremaa

The Transformation of the Death Cult over Time (Historic Võrumaa County)

Ancient Greece

Death and Funeral in Ancient Greece

Death, Burial, and the Afterlife in Ancient Greece

The Greek View of Death

Ancient Rome

Roman Burial Practices

Roman Funerals

Rome Exposed - The Romans and Their Dead

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